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Advanced Search Builder

Reveal offers a powerful set of search capabilities described below. The fastest way to get started is to click the "Advanced" button in the main window; when you use these advanced options, the syntax specified below is auto-generated for you in the query field, which can help you come up to speed on the advanced features faster.

Search By Dragging

With Reveal 1.2.2 and later, coming in March 2017, you can search by dragging: Drag a PPT file or a folder onto the Reveal main window, or onto the Reveal app icon in the Dock and see all the versions of the slides in that file, or all the slides contained within the folder.

Open with Reveal

You can also "right click" any PowerPoint or Keynote file in the Finder and "open" it with Reveal, which will show all versions of the slides contained within that file.

Searching Terms

You can aggregate multiple terms together to narrow your search: red house may return more specific results than just searching house.

Truncation with an asterisk (*) can broaden your search results, making it easier to find slides with similar terms that start with the same string of letters.

For example, compet* will match competition and competitors and auto* will find automatic and automobile.

Mixing Terms with Selectors

Refine your results by using selectors with your search terms. Selectors narrow your results, so you will have fewer results.

For example, a search for competition file:investor to show all slides that mention “competition” and have “investor” somewhere in the file name. Files that don’t have “investor” in the files name won’t appear in your search results.


You can use “selectors” to zero in on a search through metadata not found on the slide itself:

when: Used to suggest a date.


when:thisweek or when:week
when:<mon><year>, such as when:jun2010
when:<year>, such as when:2010

title: Used to search within the title of the slide. Does not support spaces in the current releases.

file: Used to search on the filename. Does not support spaces in the current releases.

You can use multiple selectors in each search, but you can only use one of each type. The use of multiple selectors is combined as a logical AND (not an OR).

So you can enter queries such as:

when:thisweek title:competition

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